The 5th Academic Conference of Japanese Society of Community-based Comprehensive Physical Therapy(第5回日本地域理学療法学会学術大会) Guidelines for submission (演題募集要項)


Before registration, please read carefully abstract submission guidelines described in this article and the information to be announced on the convention website at any time. Please note we are not responsible for any trouble caused by not reading the instructions.

Ⅰ.Application requirements

  1. Anyone is eligible for application as long as the research contributes to physical therapy.
  2. Although abstract registration is free in principle, those who are not members of the Japanese Physical Therapy Association who have a physical therapist license in Japan are required to pay the abstract registration fee of 10,000 yen (excluding tax) per person no matter whether the person is a principle presenter or a co-presenter. (Those who do not have a physical therapist license in Japan as well as those who have a physical therapist license abroad are not charged). Members who suspend their membership are also subject to the abstract registration fee payment.

Ⅱ.Restriction on application for the first speaker

  1. Abstracts that can be registered as a first speaker are up to 1 on each society. It is not possible to register the same subject multiple times or register similar subjects

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