The 5th Academic Conference of Japanese Society of Community-based Comprehensive Physical Therapy(第5回日本地域理学療法学会学術大会) Guidelines for submission (演題募集要項)


Ⅲ.Application notice

  1. Please make sure that the contents of the abstract submitted and the actual presentation are not significantly different.
  2. Do not submit abstracts that are similar in contents or that are submitted to or published by other academic societies or magazines. If these facts are discovered after the adoption of the abstract, it may be canceled.
  3. Since the item [Ethical consideration, informed consent] is set as an independent abstract input frame for this conference, you can enter minimum facility names only in this field (eg: approved by Physical Therapy University Ethics Committee (approval number: ○○ ○○), etc.). Please consider the privacy policy, such as not describing information (person's name, facility name etc.) that would be detrimental to the research subject in other fields.

    [Ethical consideration, informed consent] will be published in the abstracts as well as used for an abstract review, and it will be also included in abstract word count.

  4. Please be aware that a resistant takes full responsibilities for all of the notes indicated above (item 1 to 3).
  5. The copyright of abstracts belongs to the association and the principle speaker. The abstracts will be published online.
  6. Basically, you cannot cancel registration after the abstract submission period or change the registered contents.
  7. When the principle speaker is not able to make a presentation, the co-speaker should make the presentation.
  8. We regard change of the presenter as a proxy presentation by the co- speaker. Only the principle presenter is able to register the presentation as lifelong learning points (points for presentation) of the Japanese Physical Therapy Association (neither double issuance nor sharing by speakers is possible).
  9. If you are unable to make a presentation on the day, please note that the registration of the speaker for the academic conferences next year including co-speakers may not be permitted.
  10. Please submit your application after obtaining the approval of the co- speaker. Please note that the co-speakers will take the same responsibilities as the principle speaker.


  1. Attention and Requests regarding use of E-mail
    1. All e-mails related to the abstract registration will be sent to the account with which the abstract was registered. We may send important notices, so please occasionally check your E-mail box. Therefore, please do not change E-mail address until the end of this conference.
    2. Please do not use mobile mail. If you use free E-mail service, please note that E-mails sent from the Preparation Committee may be classified as a junk mail.
    3. If you do not receive E-mail within approximately 7 days after the abstract registration, please contact via E-mail.
  2. Membership number of the Japanese Physical Therapy Association

    The adopted abstract will be registered on My Page in the achievement record with your membership number if the principle speaker is a member. Therefore, when a member registers his/her account, please make sure to enter correct membership number in half-width character (8-digit number starting from 1) in the field. If incorrect number is entered, notice of the adoption / rejection of the abstract may be delayed greatly due to the confirmation process. For those who are not association members, it is not necessary to fill in this field.
    Please enter membership number of the co-speaker as well.

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