The 5th Academic Conference of Japanese Society of Community-based Comprehensive Physical Therapy(第5回日本地域理学療法学会学術大会) Guidelines for submission (演題募集要項)


Ⅹ.Appraisal of abstract

  1. The adoption of the abstract will be decided by the academic conference director in reference to the results made by the preparation committee.
  2. The result of the appraisal will be notified by E-mail to the registered E-mail address.
  3. The results of appraisal will be informed by late August, 2018.
  4. The adopted abstract cannot be canceled. In principle, changes in the contents of the presentation after the registration period cannot be accepted for any reason.


We only accept contacts by E-mail. However, please refrain from using mobile phone mail.

  1. The 5th AcademicConference of Japanese Society of  Community-based Comprehensive Physical Therapy Management Office;
    Write "inquiries about the academic conferences" in the subject and include your name as well as contact information.

  2. The latest information of the conference and detailed instructions will be posted on the website below.